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Nick John Wilson

Listen - Load - Pass It On

Join Nick John Wilson's LLP community.

Listen - Load - Pass it on.


From the age of 17 - 31 I really struggled to truly understand who I was or what my purpose was in life. My only release was my music. With no "mentor" or "coach" I just wrote my heart and experiences out as songs, performing them in the hope that someone would understand and give me a hand. That didn't happen.
After a complete mental breakdown at 31, I set out to rebuild and rediscover who I am and realised that, actually, we are all very very similar.


So, here's the deal. I had 1000 promo CD's  pressed that will never be pressed again. Once they are gone, they are gone. But, and here's the best bit, I want you to listen to the songs and check out what they meant to me when I wrote them, load the CD onto your computer and into your favourite music player. Then lastly, pass the CD onto someone you feel would benefit from my life lessons so far.


For everyone who has listened, loaded and passed on a limited CD, I have created a special Facebook group for you to join. It is an invite only group and here you will be able to connect with like minded people who are passionate about helping and passing onto others, knowledge, wisdom and life lessons.


To join, you simply;


  • Make sure you have a limited CD.
  • Tag me on Facebook with a picture of you with a limited CD.
  • Along with the following written on a piece of paper and copied on the post;
    "#NickJohnWilsonLLP ❤️" I will then add you to the group.


The benefits of being a part of this group;

  • Share your story about why & to who you passed a CD to.
  • Meet like minded people & share your knowledge, wisdom & life lessons.
  • Get exclusive access to new limited physical releases.
  • Get exclusive access to rare gigs.
  • And, most importantly, get exclusive access to me on a personal level with Facebook Live chats, which may have the odd performance too.


©2017 Nick John WIlson