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Nick John Wilson

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Singer, Songwriter, Multi Instrumentalist, Producer, Storyteller, Author and Snowboarder. Nick has Microtia, which is basically one ear. This hasn't stopped him from achieving what he has so far, even appearing in Hollywood feature films, commercials and a number of television and film productions. His main aim is to be able to offer help where he can and to bring a thoughtful attitude and approach to all aspects of life with his ideas and creations.

To help launch his career, Nick has created New Acoustic Folk Records & Quill Tip Audio Productions. Nick is using these platforms to guide and develop artists with their own products. With web design, photos, logos, videos and recordings all done with close to zero budget, by himself and with very little help, Nick has become Musician, Manager, Creative Director, Media Relations, Promoter, Producer… the list goes on.

Nick shadowed producers/songwriters Jud Mahoney & Jo Perry, co-writing & learning the skills needed to work with artists and managers to get the results they needed. This lead to a song Nick co-wrote being placed on a Japanese artist signed to Sony, as well as writing for Nineties boy band East 17 and in 2009 running a recording studio with his uncle, Dave Neal, who toured with Suzi Quatro during the 70’s as her drummer.

Here Nick worked with X-Factor stars Luke Lucas, Ben Mills and Parisa Tarjomani (Only The Young) to name a few whilst producing and recording local artists. The time came in 2012 for Nick to finally be in a situation to apply the knowledge and experience gained to himself and his own product, bringing us to the end of one journey and to the start of the next.


Described as having bluesy and soulful rocky tones, combined with a rag finger style, Nick now offers for free listening, his 2013 EP Nick John Wilson, single Night Owl and 2015's debut album Something For Someone to represent his internal journey from the age of 18 to 33. Check Them Out. This free collection of songs offers a fresh and exciting angle on the acoustic folk genre with the intention to help others going through similar things see something within themselves.

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Based in South-East England and born June 23rd 1983 with a craniofacial condition medically known as Microtia means that Nick has conductive hearing on his left side, although luckily he has a fully functioning right ear, which he has used to his advantage.

Music has always run in the family, so living and working in mono hasn’t stopped Nick from pursuing a musical life. He picked up the guitar from his folk playing parents when he was seven years old as they sat playing folk songs in the evening, joined occasionally by his Uncle, the original drummer for Suzi Quatro (famous in the 1970’s Glam Rock age).

At the age of fifteen, Nick got his first electric guitar- a white Fender Squire Affinity- and soon learnt every Nirvana song (almost!), formed a band with friends and began writing and recording in the front room of the drummer’s house, using a stereo reel to reel and an old Sure microphone from the Seventies that his dad gave him. They never gigged but the recordings exist somewhere.

It was during college that Nick ping-ponged in and out of original bands and function bands and then to his frustration finding himself outcast in his second year. This meant he had no choice but to develop his singing, which lead to the purchase of his first acoustic guitar- a lagoon green Yamaha CPX Compass, which defined his sound furthermore. Then, at nineteen, Nick found a Manager who setup a number of showcase performances in top London venues and local festivals; a great few years’ experience. This was just the beginning of Nick’s journey of self-discovery.


For a number of years after college, Nick continued to perform in various bands and taught guitar both for Kent Music School and privately. This prompted the creation of a Learn Guitar series of three books, which have since been written, produced and published as iBooks, available now in the Apple Store.


These times consisted of excessive indulgence in marijuana, alcohol, relationships and gambling; worsening after being severely mugged and assaulted. This left Nick with huge confidence issues that took close to five years to fully overcome but in 2006, Nick was invited to join a great bunch of guys to front one of Kent’s most exciting rock groups, Shotgun Junky. His social life was reborn and he quickly began to regain his on stage sparkle. The group lasted just over three years, then split as everyone went their chosen direction and Nick was left to continue his solo career.


With an extensive back catalogue of unreleased original material and now developing his creativity further with writing, acting and sound production, Nick has appeared on Channel Four’s Celebrity Come Dine With Me as the entertainment, been involved in Hollywood movies, television dramas, adverts and is now expressing his creativity any way he can, even snowboarding. Who knows how Nick will express his creativity next but one thing for sure is that it will possibly reach deep into the consciousness in a simple way that will make you think.


Singer Songwriter; Multi Instrumentalist; Producer; Storyteller; Author; Advisor; Creator; Designer; Thinker; Nick strives to show that no matter what obstacles you face, you can always achieve your goals and dreams: ‘If it’s something you want to do, do it. It can be done.’


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