Stuff You Probably Already Knew –

Hey there,
Welcome to my attempt at bringing you some helpful stuff you probably already knew.

Here’s a few things to get the ball rolling……

#1 Grass is green unless it’s not.

#2 The sky is blue unless it’s cloudy or night time.

#3 Snow is just colder, bigger rain drops that are quieter and prettier, ever seen a rain man.

#4 There are real life Rain Men. I am one.

#5 The end bit of number four was a twist of the truth, I’m actually Batman.

#6 Batman was orphaned, I wasn’t.

#7 Oliver Twist was an orphan too, I am in fact neither of these characters.

#8 I am a singer songwriter, guitarist, producer, author and creative thinker.

#9 This is my website –

#10 It’s really interesting.

Well, I think that is probably enough for now. Thanks for your time and stay tuned for the next edition of Stuff You Probably Already Knew.



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