How To Build A Flat Pack Recording Studio Desk – Ikea Style –

Ok, so, in a back to front way of doing things. Meaning, I made a video first, received a request on how I did it and have now put together a PDF with all the gubbings on how I made my very own flat pack recording studio desk for about £300.

I made it with the intention of being able to easily dismantle it if I need to transport it to a new location.

Here’s the original video, which I recommend you use as a reference.

I would highly recommend getting the pieces cut by your local timber yard unless you can do that yourself.
I have given you the number of 18mm MDF boards needed to cut all pieces from.

Your only custom jiggle will be when you come to fit the keyboard shelf. I couldn’t find a link to the original sliders I used and they vary massively. I have left this out of the PDF book purposely.

Here is the link to download the PDF file which has everything you need to know apart from which tools to use.

How To Build A Recording Studio Desk – Ikea Style By Nick John Wilson


Here are links to the parts you will need apart from the MDF to give you an idea of cost.

Cam Lock

Cam Dowel

Vinyl Tiles—black—056-sq-m-per-pack-107738

Drawer Slider

Drawer Slider

Drawer Slider

Paint Brushes

Felt Pads

Cupboard – Melamine Paint

Laminate Edging

Long Screw

Short Screw

Wing Nut

Corner Brace Bracket

Shelf Supports

Wood Dowel

Thanks for looking and I hope this inspires you to be creative with your own build.

I am excited to let you know that you can now learn guitar with me here.

Thank you for reading!
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